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People come into therapy for a variety of reasons—depression, anxiety, addictive behaviors (in all its many disguises), relational issues, unresolved trauma, or simply to seek greater meaning in life.  The counseling room is the sacred space where you can step out of isolation and suffering to be fully heard and fully supported.  It is my job and humble honor to accompany you on the path to greater life fulfillment and joy, and to help you step into the place of inherent innocence that lies beneath.

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Tom Bender helped me through my journey of healing within. He gave me tools that were crucial to becoming the best me possible. I will be forever thankful to him for helping me find my unconditional self worth.
Melissa L., Albuquerque, NM
Tom has been instrumental in helping me navigate several life transitions. He is always patient, insightful and compassionate. He has helped me focus on being more vulnerable, more empathetic and more grateful.
Nick, Albuquerque, NM
Tom has the ability to make you feel at ease and brings a friend vibe to the conversation. He helped pull me out of a horrible spot in my life, helped guide me to finding myself and understand my self worth. He challenged me to think through my feelings and empower my ability to problems solve. Tom not only is a great therapist but and an amazing person.
Shawn, Albuquerque, NM

Tom Bender helped save my life! Tom guided me in dealing with my childhood trauma and my divorce so I can embrace my true purpose and desire to be the best father to my children, a more fruitful human, and now, I am a better partner in my relationship with my true love. Finding Tom was nothing short of divine intervention and I am grateful for his knowledge and guidance.

Christopher M.
I started working with Tom several years ago. I was in a very difficult marriage need Tom worked with both of us. I grew so much during this time. I developed an entire new set of communication skills during my time with Tom.
My marriage didn’t last and I worked with Tom to get through the divorce and reset my life. He played a critical role in my path to the person I am today.
 Tom is gifted at seeing what underlies the issues. He asks deep thought provoking questions and is kind listening to answers. He is also firm and is willing to push appropriately when I was unwilling to look at my own issues.
Tom’s style is friendly and trusting. Our sessions were reminiscent of a great gym workout. Fun and challenging while  difficult, exhausting, and ultimately very rewarding.
I’d highly recommend Tom to anyone looking to make serious progress on their personal path. He’s been a great addition to my life.
Russ C., Albuquerque, NM
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