End of Life Support

Approaching the end of one’s life is a powerful and sacred time. It can be a time to spend in reflection and connection with family and friends, but is also a time to be with one’s own grieving heart. When faced with the death of someone we hold dear or our own mortality, we are often in need of emotional and/or spiritual support.

Since completing my internship with hospice, I have been graced with the privilege of supporting several important people in my life as they faced this powerful and heartbreaking transition. It is both my honor and my life’s work to support people (and their families) facing end of life issues.

My husband and I feel that Tom was put into our lives for a reason.  My husband often says he “saved my life” and I can certainly say he helped save our marriage.  Tom has treated us in Albuquerque for the past five and a half years.  He has seen my family through sobriety, job loss and career change, cancer, and every thing in between.  We have shared our most vulnerable moments with this man and his compassion, empathy, and commitment to us has been present at every turn.

Rosemary H.

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